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Artist: Spark Liko  City: Karonga  Genre: Afro Hip Hop


He is a karonga based hip hop artist born on 18th November 1994. He grew up listening to malawi urban music and the artists which he liked most before venturing into the music industry were the likes of Tay grin, Piksy &Dan Lu. He discovered his talent of art in music when he was at primary school in std 7(2006) whereby he could compose poems, dialogues, drama and used to perform them in different school occasions. He started composing songs when he was in form 3 (2010) at Karonga CDSS but he did not have recorded any song at the studio. After finishing his secondary education level its when he started going to the studio and started recording his songs , that was in 2012. At that time he was not very serious until he mate Piksy at Karonga Planet Hall during his performance with organised family and Maskal in Karonga the very same year 2012. Lucky enough, he was chosen at random from the audience to perform any song by Piksy, the feedback he had from fans was good in that Piksy was very impressed and gave him some money by the time he was performing on stage. That encouraged him to work hard in music and at school considering the fact that he was still a student. When he was at secondary school, he was dreaming to study any programme related to arts at any public university in malawi, fortunately God answered his prayers now he is a fourth year student at Mzuzu University studying Bachelor of Arts in Education. Currently he is a manager of B.A.E (Best At Everything). Its a Music group founded by Yung C comprising of himself, Yung C and Villain Fongo. Apart from listening to music, he also like watching football.


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