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Artist: P Hustle  Genre: Hip Hop City: Mzimba


Paul Kasolokera Mkandawire also known as P-hustle by his stage name originates from Mzimba, Vongo.


He was born on 25 July 1996, he is the first born in a family of two children.

He was born in the city of Mzuzu at St John’s hospital.

He grow up in different neighbourhoods, due to the separation of his parents at a tender age of 10 years while he was in primary school, as if that was not enough for him but he was later abandoned by his Dad at the court of law, being raised with a single mother was not only hard but also one of his inspirations that nothing is impossible without determination.

With hard work and determination his mum raised a king out of him with the assistance of his grandmother and their family members.

He started school at Viphya private school, later went to news lands and completed his primary school at Zolozolo primary school.

Before being selected to pursuer his high school education at Katoto secondary school, after completing his high school he latter applied for college to study journalism, he was taken but due to fate and family problems he had to drop out, just the second day at college it was not easy but he had no option but to continue with his music career.

When he recalls his early life late in 2006 he was so much into arts, poet and short story writing.

He has written quit a number of stories despite that they were never published but he kept on writing.

He would have never known how good he was in rapping if D Kay real name Dhumisan Kaliati never recognized the rapping talent in him; he did some free styling with him and thought of bringing him to the studio, since he saw a good young rapper in him.

He did his first song titled” you bring it up” which he featured, actually his first studio session was in 2012, it was fun those days, his friends would not have let him by not giving him a nickname he had one.

He decided to stop making music for fun when he learnt that music is a multibillion industry and seeing how determined and passionate he was he wanted to be a successful rapper at the age of 22.

He has collaborated with a few well upcoming artists and has a video which went viral on our local TV stations the song was titled “I am recognized” featuring Jermaino Warner and Colnaz Nascoz which was done in 2015. He did not want the year 2016 to just end without dropping any hit, his first extended play(EP) “man and the city” which had no one featured in it and increased his popularity of fans, this song was partly sold in CDs and given free for downloading and also t-shirts were sold too.

He is currently working on a big shot, which is coming out soon its titled GADA featuring Jupapa prod by Gab grizzy masterd by V sling he is much into collaborations now.

He is a passionate artist, working hard with music been the only career, music actually is his life style he believes that “if you have eyes on something, on a particular level in life when you get to that level, know that there are so many levels left to climb.

Try to be on top of the top, even when you are on top” this is what has kept him going and working extra hard.

He has faith that he will be better than he is now, he is not starving to end only in Malawi, he intend to go on with his career and achieve the greatest.

He does not know how he will do that but what he knows is God will make a way for him.


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