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Ine Ndi Banda

Artist: Ine-Ndi-Banda aka Jipsta Born: 20 january 1992  Genre: Multi Gospel   City: Blantyre


Born: 20 january 1992

Jipson Banda mostly known as ine-ndi-banda was born at bangwe clinic, grew up being raised with Christian values, “my dad always taught mentored me in terms of music, when he was very young, he used to come back home with a new song and we would sing together.”

Started rapping when I was 13 years of age, in chilomoni with friends that was in year 2005. In 2006 started doing dance-hall but soon switched to hip-hop when he met with Maya Noel who became his mentor.

He wrote so many Gospel rap songs but switched to underground rap when his eldest brother confronted him after performing at a Christian gathering despite wonderful remarks from pastors. His dad tore off his lyric pad believing that his lyrics were emotional and attacked his step-mother whom at that time were not in a good relationship with him. He started rapping violently.

2010 he recorded his first song together with Vic Kasakula aka Jaw break when he became based in Nsanje and the song changed the music moves in Nsanje, youths started believing in themselves that they can rap for the good and highest course. He later became joined with jay Maga and recorded songs together and formed a  group together The Mad Bulls and also joined the Mega beats, a group that was formulated by a fellow artist Dimmar.

In 2014 he announced his departure from secular rap to gospel hip-hop and released Amanyada that was produced by dancegate production in ndirande, he deepened himself when he did the Ndamtaira Kamtengo which was produced by Mussa Mulera. In year 2016, 31 December he became a born again Christian and vowed out of Rap music.

He rejoined rap again in 2017 whilst working as a presenter at NYANTHEPA radio station due to his dealings with musicians and formulated a Christian music group HBOnE which means Heavenly Beings On Earth that he jointly run with his brothers and consists of other two female artists. His journey has been tough in music but he values his talent not fame or money. “Even if people are not listening, but at the end of the day I do and am impressed with myself.”

He has worked with producers such as Bengo beats, Maya Noel, Mussa Mulera, Madeira just to mention a few and collaborated with artists Jay Maga, Fat K, Dimmar, Chacjesco, Dyseva among other. His new release is Mkango which has been produced by Madeira and Smooth of Mid-lines records in Lilongwe. He is so passionate about the ghetto transformation through gospel rap. He has been criticized for not participating in hometown shows defining them as secular and treating them as less important.


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