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Producers Cry Out For Reduced ESCOM Tariffs

Published by Revolver Junior on 31 March 2021.

Malawian based producers have bemoaned the increased ESCOM tariffs alleging the new unit price will end their music production careers.

According to a screenshot seen by Malawi Hits that was captured in their WhatsApp group, Producers Association of Malawi (PAM), the producers say they are already struggling with tough financial situations that were instantiated by Covid 19.

“Koma anthu amenewa akukwezanso mtengo ogulira maunits chonsecho maluzi akutiswa chifukwa chokuti oyimba ambiri akuopa kubwera kumastudio athu akuopa covid 19 eeeh tifinyika2 pamenepa,” reads a message of a popular producer that we do not want to mention.

Another producer doubtfully averred he will stay in the country as he thinks his studio will collapse once he raise studio session price.

“Koma fans yake imeneyi kuikwezera mtengo wassession itithawa2 isiya kubwera, apa maso mphenya othawa pampanje ayamba kubwera kkkk,” also reads a message by a different popular producer.

However the producers are arranging to take it to the streets so that the responsible authorities should look into the increased tariffs matter.

A few days ago the government through the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) announced a 11% increase on ESCOM tariffs a development which many electricity users in Malawi are not happy with.