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Dr Namadingo, The Malawian Youtube Landlord

Published by Revolver Junior on 30 March 2021.

Dr Patience Namadingo becomes the utmost Malawian viewed musician on YouTube.

The statistics conducted by his die hard followers indicated that Dr Namadingo is the only Malawian artist having two videos with more than a million views within a period of less than twelve months.

Confirming the development Dr Namadingo posted on his Facebook page citing his “Pefekiti” music video had reached 1 million views in 3 months just like “Mapulani” music video which reached the same million views in 9 months.

“Pefekiti" has reached 1 million views in three months and Mapulani did it in 9 months. I am the second to none, Malawi’s only solo artist with not just one but two videos in million views,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Dr Namadingo has trended word wide with his SADC music mission. He is releasing songs in different popular national languages.

However there are rumours speculating that Dr Namadingo will release a Portuguese song this coming Friday.

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