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Malawians Starts Believing LikiLiki Woman Is Enweezy’s Elder Sister

Published by Revolver Junior on 28 March 2021.

Mixed reactions have popped out after a group of random women called “Chigwirizano Choir” released their local gospel song “Likiliki” in which one of them proceeded hip hop.

The hip-hop segment of the song has attracted attention to a greater extent and went viral in different online media platforms.

However people were eager to know the details of the said woman who dropped her four hip-hop bars in the song.

By analysing her rapping style and the way she looked, people are suspecting Enweezy is a close relative to the woman because they are both fat, light in complexion and have deep voices.

A close friend to Enweezy has told us that the two are not related and do not know each other, it is just a coincidence that they look alike.

“No that woman is not Enweezy’s sister, she has never told me she has an elder sister who does music,” said Enweezy’s closest friend.

The four hip-hop bars section in the “Likiliki” song is thought to outshine Phyzix’s Ep, a development which has made Phyzix to withdrawal releasing his new project for the meantime.

Enweezy is a female rapper based in Blantyre who was featured in the “Ndadusa Pompo” , a W-Twice’s “Wadusa Pompa” cover.