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“Chiphadzuwa Cha Malawe” Zani Challe Honours Dr Namadingo For Osazofika

Published by Revolver Junior on 28 March 2021.

Barely a few hours after Dr Namadingo released his latest project “Osazofika”, Zani Challe honoured the Dr. for his new song.

The Malawian diva said she is blown away as she has always had love for Dr Namadingo’s music and work ethic.

“I’m blown away. I have always had love for Dr. Namadingo music and work ethic. Once again he has delivered on this one in Zulu. Big up to you Sir,” she posted on her Facebook page.

“Osazofika” is a new song by Dr. Namadingo in which he has composed in Zulu language.

The song has brought mixed reactions in different SADC countries as many of his followers are waiting for the Dr. to compose a song in their mother language.

“Osazofika” has also disturbed the releasing of an Ep by a certain veteran rapper known as PHYZIX who had planned to release his EP project the same day Dr. Namadingo released his Zulu song.

Meanwhile the rapper is quite and any signs of releasing his “FLAWS EP” are futile.

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