About Us

Malawi Hits is a music promotion website!

Our aim is to promote artists from different angles of Malawi!

Music uploading on our website if free of charge! Just Sign Up if you do not have an account or log in if you are already signed up!

Would you like to read our policies below?

Its wise to know the rules than to be ignorant!

  1. We do not allow nude content, example pictures containing ponography!
  2. Your artworks should not contain explicit content e.g. nudes or porn!
  3. Cheating of downloads or views is not acceptable!
  4. Do not upload songs that are already available in other websites!!
  5. Users should be active, inactive accounts for a period of 12 months will be erased!
  6. We do not want poor graphics on our website! At least a well designed artwork!
  7. Do not upload viruses, once you are found your account will be suspended and you will be banned to use our services!
  8. Do not tamper with our codes! Dont try to hack, or destroy our website! once you are found you will be brought to justice!
  9. Don't fake song titles, once we find out we will remove that song!
  10. If your song downloads exceeds your song views we will remove that song because you have cheated downloads
  11. Always be real, don't be cheap by pretending and keep in mind your content will be checked jelously, so make sure you follow the rules above!